Raleigh United Methodist Church
Sunday, February 14, 2016
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Raleigh United Methodist Church

Raleigh United Methodist Church
3295 Powers Road
Memphis, Tennessee   38128
Phone:   901-386-9320
 Pastor :   Rev. Paul Scheirer
Established in 1836

Welcome to OUR WEBSITE

The Good People of Raleigh United Methodist Church Wish for You and Yours,
The Blessings of the Good Lord !!

And We invite YOU to any and all of our services and special events !!


Located at the corner of Powers Road and Coleman, 
Raleigh United Methodist Church has been a vital faith
community for more thana century and a half,
serving the Raleigh, Bartlett, and Memphis communities.  
The church family worships in a completely renovated sanctuary
and warmly welcomes new members and visitors
to worship services and all scheduled events.


Raleigh United Methodist Church has surpassed

176 years of service to the Memphis area and

the Raleigh Community in 2012.  


And we welcome EVERYONE to come be a part of our community of Faith and Service to others.

For worship times and other gathering opportunities, please visit the Worship
Page or the Calendar.



To contact our pastor or office email to  :  raleighumc@bellsouth.net


To contact our webmaster email to :   webmaster@raleighumc.org


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